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3 Level program for anyone who wants to learn the Indian martial art and achieve fitness goals

 Martial Artist, International Karate Champion
Founder, PHASE Sports Pvt. Ltd. & Right to Sport Foundation

First things first: Silambam & Benefits

Regardless of your current fitness level, athletic ability, age and previous exposure to any martial arts, you can hugely benefit from training this wonderful martial art. Silambam can help you with,

  • Improving your Fitness whether your goal is getting into shape, Strengthening or Toning

  • ​Improving mobility

  • ​Enhancing Focus and Mindfulness

  • ​Reducing anxiety and improving mental health

  • ​Improving Coordination and so much more…

About Sabari Karthik

Starting Karate at the age of 8, he became passionate about mastering various skills and immersed himself in the world of Martial Arts. With years of training, he became South Asian Karate Champion in the year 2014. Sabari is also a three times Indian national champion and a National Games (2011) Gold medalist. He holds two bronze medals in Commonwealth Karate Championship (2009- South Africa). He has represented India In the 16th Asian Games held in China and three other World Championships. In 2017 he established PHASE Sports Pvt. Ltd. Through its ‘Physical Health and Sports Education program’, his team has shaped thousands of students into healthy and happy beings.


Apart from martial arts, he also practices Yoga and Meditation staunchly. He incorporates his knowledge from each of these disciplines into his teachings. In this Silambam program, Sabari strives to combine 2000-year-old ancient wisdom and techniques to meet your modern fitness needs.

“NATURE might determine your HEIGHT;

Only YOU can determine your REACH!”

Sabari Karthik


I thought physical activities would never suit me. I just explored silambam 3months back. With a regular workout, I feel really fresh throughout the day. So now, I need not sleep at noon. I see my muscles are toning and I feel like a child again.
Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi. Age: 40 Yrs.
Initially, when I just saw the skills, it seemed impossible for me to do them. The unique ways that Sabari sir teaches each skill catch my eyes and I am learning the art really fast. I always have my silambam stick in my hand and later it has become a habit for me to take it wherever I go! I believe it will have an everlasting impression on me.

Nithu Varshini. Age: 14Yrs.

I practice silambam every day in order to stay healthy. It also helps to improve my mental health. I have hit my low during the lockdown and now with Silambam I am at my peak mental and physical strength. Still, there is a lot for me to learn. I am going to do this for the rest of my life.

Thommy Thomas. Age: 18Yrs.

I’ve always wanted to learn something new and chose Silambam. I started practicing Silambam and noticed a few changes. I am able to concentrate much better, I became stronger and my mind and body are able to work together. I think it’s very important others also learn silambam as it strengthens our body and increases focus and determination.

Neena. Age: 14Yrs.






Silambam Program is available exclusively on our learning platform. There is no recurring subscription and the program never expires.


Work at your own pace and repeat any Skill or any workout routine whenever you like.



What equipment do I need to do this program?

This program requires only one equipment. You just need a Silambam stick to start your Journey. For Level 2 and 3 you will need two Silambam sticks. That’s all!

Where do I buy a Silambam stick?

You will get a Free Silambam stick along with this course as a limited time offer. To buy individually, you can also check out our online store. Both ways, the sick will be delivered (within India) to your doorstep in a week time. International students shall check online shopping sites for “Bo-staff” “Bamboo staff” “Silambam stick”.

After I join, how do I get the program?

Once you sign up you will be emailed instructions to access our learning platform and get started. Make sure to sign in to the platform using the same email you paid with so that the system recognizes you.

Are there any prerequisites?

No. Everyone can benefit from training Silambam and there’s no skill needed beforehand. Start at your own pace with your own range and trust that you will gradually improve as you train. Your strong will is the only prerequisite!

How much room space do I need to practice these skills?

If you choose to train indoors you need a minimum 10-square-feet free space. We also suggest you practice in an open space like a park or terrace.

How long will it take me to learn?

This depends on how dedicated and focused you are to training. With our coaching program, you should be able to master Level 1 in three months time.

Silambam Course - Level 1

20 SESSIONS (Approximately 45MIN Each)


₹7000 Just ₹3499

  • Tutorials to learn 55 new skill 

  • Free Silambam stick (5 feet cane)

  • Warmup and stretching routines

  • Workout and practice routines

  • Self Assessment Guideline

  • Cooldown routines and

  • Guided Meditation

  • Private Facebook group

Online Coaching

Online group coaching + Free Silambam stick + Silambam Course (level 1)
Coaching:  16 sessions
Home Workout: 20 sessions

₹11000 Just ₹5499


  • Learn Silambam skills from our coaches live 

  • Compete Level 1 in two months

  • Individual Posture & flow corrections 

  • Clarification

  • Assessments 

  • Leaderboard 

  • Focused WhatsApp Group 

  • Free Silambam stick (5 feet cane)

  • Silambam course for home workout

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